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Let’s dive into a topic that’s been sparking curiosity for ages: Female Ejaculation – breaking it down without the scientific jargon, well almost!

So, here’s the lowdown: Female ejaculation is when a woman releases fluid during the heat of the moment. No, it’s not urine – it’s a clear or slightly milky liquid, adding a unique touch to the experience.

Now, the big question: Is it real or just a myth? Well, some studies say around 60% of women have experienced it. But hold on, there’s no universal agreement on how it works or how much fluid is involved.

Scientists are eyeing Skene’s gland as the potential source – it hangs out near the female urethra and acts like the male prostate, producing a lubricating fluid during arousal. But, yep, you guessed it – more research is needed.

Despite some raised eyebrows and stigma, female ejaculation is all-natural and harmless. For many, it cranks up the pleasure meter. However, not every woman experiences it, and that’s totally okay. In female sexuality there is no one-size-fits-all!

If you’re navigating through questions or concerns about female sexual health, our space is judgment-free. Chat with our experts, and let’s explore your sexual well-being with confidence.

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