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What NAWAT brings

Eye-opening knowledge
It’s time to put stubborn myths to rest and explore what modern science has to offer.

Expert advice
Got a concern? Need a second opinion? Or just someone to talk to? Our experts are here for you whether your concern is big or small.

A welcoming community
Connect with other women who are on a similar journey like yours. You are never alone. So many women are going through the same thing as you.
The NAWAT Difference
Misconceptions about sexual and reproductive health can lead to unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions,
sexually transmitted infections and more, all of which can seriously affect your life.
This is why, NAWAT’s mission is to empower Arab women to attain their best sexual and reproductive health.
With the help of the region’s best experts, NAWAT offers women access to knowledge and quality healthcare.
This move aims to enable women to make informed choices and stay healthy.
Guaranteed privacy
NAWAT’s online platform is designed with the utmost privacy and security.
Backed by science, monitored by experts
All information and support provided by NAWAT is backed by latest science on women’s health and reviewed by our multidisciplinary team of trusted sexual and reproductive health experts.
Judgement-free/ all-inclusive zone
NAWAT engages with the highest quality healthcare providers to collaborate on your wellbeing. We listen without judgment, and you can trust that the whole process is confidential.
Easy access
NAWAT gives you a single platform that covers all your sexual and reproductive health needs.
Learn with NAWAT
Our Bodies and Cycle
Learning about your body and how it functions is the key to a healthy sexual and reproductive life. Explore your intimate anatomy, menstrual cycle and more.
Sexual and Reproductive Medical Conditions
Discover the causes, symptoms, treatments, and alternative wellness modalities of the most common sexual and reproductive medical conditions. modalities for their prevention and treatment.
Sex and
A healthy sex life boosts your mental and physical health. Navigate the world of pleasure and learn how to communicate with your partner about it with us.
Thinking about having a baby? Start preparing way before pregnancy.
Transitioning into menopause? Here is all you need to know about the phases of menopause, its symptoms and how to manage.
Mental Health
Be it the ups and
downs of your relationship, the journey of your pregnancy, or embracing your body, we will be there through every step of the way.
NAWAT is here to help. The core sexual and
reproductive health services you need –
all in one place:
   Mental Health Experts
   And more!
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