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Women reported experiencing pain during menstruation

75% of women are likely to encounter at least one vaginal Candida infection in their lifetime

45% of women have pain during intercourse

40% of pregnancies are unplanned

1 in 4 women suffer from postpartum depression

As Arab women, we face specific health challenges, and many of us think that we are alone. But guess what? You’re not alone!

The truth is, we grew up surrounded by whispers and shame about our bodies. “Normal discomfort” became the norm, and accurate information about our health and sexuality felt like a secret code nobody shared. No wonder we often hesitate to ask for help or even talk about these things openly!

This is where NAWAT Health comes in. We’re building a safe space where every woman feels supported and understood, no judgment whatsoever. Here, you can talk about anything – those burning after-sex feels, the itchy-down-there struggles, the emotional roller coaster of being a new mom, or even the surprise pregnancy that wasn’t quite on the calendar.

Together, let’s break the silence and find solutions that work for you. Your health and well-being are our top priority, so don’t hold back. Share your stories, ask your questions, and let’s create a community where women like us can finally thrive, not just survive. Because you know what? We deserve more than just “normal” discomfort.

We deserve to feel happy, healthy, and in control of our own bodies. So let’s chat and make that happen!
Remember, NAWAT Health is always here for you, one honest chat at a time.

How Does Nawat Support You?

Menstrual Health

Get a plan to make your periods regular, less painful, and not as heavy.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Get a plan to make your periods regular, less painful, and not as heavy.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome And Endometriosis

Get expert help for PCOS with a plan made just for you.


Look at different birth control options to find the best one for you.


Get experts insights for preconception health and fertility

Breast Health

Find out why you have breast pain or other changes, and get a plan to keep your breasts healthy.

Nutrition And Diet

Make a plan for a healthier life, whether it’s managing weight or improving overall health.

Lifestyle Guidance

Change your lifestyle with holistic advice, like yoga and ways to lower stress.

Individual Coaching

Ease your stress, navigate life’s challenges, and grow personally with guidance from caring coaches.

Sexual And Dysfunction Care

Work on a plan to sort your sexual problems and boost your intimacy and confidence.

Gender-Based Violence

Talk privately with experts, get emotional support, and resources for healing and staying safe.

Stress And Coping

Learn how to manage stress and become calmer and more resilient.


Improve your energy and reduce menopause symptoms with expert help.

Vaginal Infections

Look after your vaginal health with accurate diagnosis and prevention for infections.

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Join this transformative “Sexuality 101 Course” where each question sparks a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and a positive embrace of your unique sexuality.

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What Girls And Women Like You Say About Our Experts?

I can never thank you enough. I just wish everyone facing a similar situation has the courage to take the chance to talk to you or someone like you. It would change lives.

I just wanted to Thank You. Because simply i never thought i would sense any progress in my vaginismus journey until i spoke to you.

You created a safe space for me to talk. You guided me step by step to match my own pace and that gave me confidence in myself and in the journey I am going through

Improve your energy and reduce menopause symptoms with expert help.

الورشة هي تقدير حقيقي لحب الذات وكتير حلو تكوني مأثرة بحياة أشخاص كتار هالقد. حدا قريب عالقلب لدرجة ما بتنوصف عنجد ميرسي من القلب

loved the session, loved your enthusiasm, loved your designs, loved your ideas, loved your questions and answers

طريقتك بتوصيل الأفكار حلوة كتير، وقت الجلسة كان كافي. طلعتيلي اشيا اشتغل على حالي فيها وهيدا الشي بيعطي أمل انه في اسا اشيا تنعمل لنكون أحسن وأكيد طرف بساعد وبعلم التاني من خلال أفعاله مش بس أقوال وطلبات. شكراً كتير وردة

هي ما أول جلسة بحضرها وكل مرة بقول يا ريت لو كل اسبوع وردة بتعمل جلسة. ميرسي على الجهد والشغف والحب اللي بتقدميه. الشغل اللي طالع من القلب بيوصل للقلب

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