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Zina Mallas
Certified Sex Educator, Jordan

Qualification: Certified Sexuality Educator. Graduated from the Sexual Health Alliance.
Expertise: Covers reproduction, puberty, menopause, relationships, gender issues, consent, body image.
Approach and Advocacy: Comprehensive sex education for healthier choices aligned with personal values. Body positive, shame-free.
Services: Sexual health education, focusing on STIs, safe sex, consent, and boundaries.

Dr. Souha Nassereddine
MD, OBGYN, Lebanon

Qualification: Trained as a holistic gynecologist and psychotherapist from universities in Brussels, Tennessee, and Lebanon.
Expertise: Focuses on Reproductive Health, alternative medicine, and Mind-Body Connection.
Approach: Advocates personalized, integrative women’s health care.
Services: Provides gynecological care, alternative therapies, and mind-body wellness.

Warde Bou Daher
Psychologist, Lebanon

Qualification: Certified Psychologist, Social Activist, Trainer. Graduated from the American University of Beirut and the University of Nottingham.
Expertise: Relationships, Communication, Interpersonal Development.
Approach and Advocacy: Effective and accessible public awareness, simple access to information related to social and psychological topics.
Services: Awareness material and sessions on social and psychological topics.